Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday, Touch Your Shoe Day...random thoughts and a doll birthday party...

As you've probably guessed, I've decided to let Tuesday be the day I share some of the randomness that fills my mind and my life. Some of it is mundane and some of it is profound. Some of it just, well, there, bouncing around in my brain.

I've been thinking a lot about a sentence I read on a new blog I found, "Cultivating Home" written by Hannah: "My response is my responsibility." It resonated with me and has had me pondering the way it truly effects all our lives. This one sentence is so profoundly simple and, yet, it is the key to everything.

Think about it...say it...process it. My response is my responsibility.

The simple truth is that we do not have control over the actions of others. The only control we have is in how we choose to respond to those actions. We have the choice, the power, to determine the course of things by our responses to each and every incident in our lives. Will our actions be contrary to our states values and beliefs or will our actions serve to reinforce our commitment to our values? Whether we are yelling at our children, getting angry at our husbands, or being hurt by our friends, truly it is our choice to respond that way. Even more importantly, we have the responsibility for the response we choose. If an argument ensues because we chose not to control our temper, that was our choice. If a battle ensues because we decided fighting was an appropriate response, that was our choice. If hurt feelings result because we allowed ourselves to make it all about us, then that was our choice and we bear the responsibility for the consequences. This is so powerful, don't you think? Every day, every interaction, My response is my responsibility. By consciously taking responsibility for how I choose to respond in any given situation, I choose the quality of my life every single day. Wow!

Not all is profundity in the Nagle5 household. Oh, no. We also find time to host doll birthday parties. Yep, you heard me: "Doll Birthday Party". My I be the first to say, "Welcome to Girl World!" For the second year running, Buttercup has hosted a doll birthday party for her two American Girl dolls, Josefina and Marisa. She baked a heart-shaped cake, frosted it and decorated it with sprinkles and candles, then bribed her brother and his friends with cake if they would sing, and even had presents (each girl got a magnifying glass to help them study the strange and wonderful things they might find in their world). (Poor Mr. R only has sons and could not figure out what the heck we were doing...especially when Superman got into the spirit and sang to the "girls".) A good time was had by all, the girls loved their presents and their party, and Mr. R's sons and wife got cake, too.

So, think about your responsibility for your response to the situations you find yourself faced with, but also think about doll birthday parties. You need to have balance in your life, you know?

P.S. Can Spring really be right around the corner when the weatherman predicts sub-zero temperatures for tonight? Sheesh!


loveaphid said...

Happy Birthday, Josefina and Marisa. The cake looks awesome, Buttercup.

Erin said...

Thank you very much, Aunt Katie!

Clark said...

It was a wonderful party and an excellent cake by Alexandra! As far as the other part of your post, I think that it is spot on. One of the biggest problems I see with people during the day is that they do not understand how they are truly part of the problem they are facing. I know people are jerks and that it is hard dealing with them, but we can control how we choose to work with them and respond to them. Being a jerk back doesn't solve the problem. Great statement, "My response is my responsibility"