Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Steak & Potatoes Day!

So, I'm sure you all know that Valentine's is February 14, but did you know that Steak & Potatoes Day is March 14? What?! You haven't heard of Steak & Potatoes Day? Oh, then let me give you the background on Steak & Potatoes Day.

If everyone is honest, Valentine's tends to be a woman's holiday, where men are under the gun to produce tokens that are somehow meant to convey the depths of their feelings for the special woman in her life. It is pressure-filled and prone to exaggeration and missteps, yet they keep at it, year after year. Women are not under the same pressure at Valentine's Day. So, where does that leave the special men in our lives? Well, in our house, it leaves them with Steak & Potatoes Day. Look, men aren't too complicated in their wants...a good juicy steak with a well-done baked potato and they are happy. (If you go the extra mile and throw in a little extra special dessert, they are down-right thrilled.) Let's be real...he'd rather have the steak rather than a box of chocolates, hands down. It is just not difficult to have this silly little tradition and let your husband/special guy know you think he's special. No matter how stressed life gets, this we can all do. So, why don't you commit yourself to adopting Steak & Potato Day at your house? The effort will be appreciated...I promise!

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Melissa Henning said...

lol. i know you didn't mean for this to be funny, but we thought it was. We don't celebrate vday either (and my hubby doesn't like steak! can you believe that?) lol

Erin said...

I did mean it to be funny! How could it NOT be funny? As for the serious side, he whole point is that if Valentine's is so important as it is to so many misguided women, the men deserve their day, too!