Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green? I hope so...this is definitely the day for it.

Last year, Buttercup was dismayed to realize that we were bypassed by the leprechauns...no mischief of any kind occurred in our house last year. Now as a family with Irish forebears on all sides, this is not a good thing. We think it was because we didn't talk about St. Patrick's Day before the day, we didn't have any decorations up, no acknowledgment of any kind. So this year, she's been on it...she was not going to let us get bypassed by those mischievous leprechauns again! I found these awesome shamrock ornaments at the after-Christmas sales (shamrock ornaments?) for 50 cents each, we found a shamrock for the door at Jo-Ann's for $5 and we got them up in plenty of time...as late as last night, the girl was talking up the power of the leprechauns...she had faith they'd be feeling our preparations and arrive on schedule.

Obviously, we did a good enough job because the leprechauns were back to their old tricks...gold candy spilled all over the floor for the cats to play with all night and milk gone green. And we want the leprechauns to show up?

P.S. Just in case you're wondering, the Corned Beef and Cabbage is waiting for Kate and Fig to come in April, since I messed up the cabbage last year and Fig doesn't like it. Kate and I figured between the two of us, we can get it right!


loveaphid said...

Those pesky leprechauns. They never seem to be able to find us. I guess its because Fig isn't Irish and we move every 4 years. Maybe if we stay here long enough they'll come visit. Yes, I am wearing Green! Even Green socks! I can taste the Corned Beef and cabbage already. mmm mmm good.

generationsgoneby said...

I don't like either, so you can have my share. LOL Wearing turquoise, does that count?

Never have really gotten into St pats day all that much, though I do have decorations. I just didn't get them out this year. But we had a beautiful spring day and enjoyed the green outside.