Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday, Touch Your Shoe Day...my place for random thoughts...

It is Tuesday again and my brain has been whirring around a mile a minute and I think I'll just jump in...

After reading all the Making Your Home Sing Monday ("MYHSM") posts, it was very clear that all of the posters were experiencing various levels of discouragement, for lack of a better phrase. There was definitely something in the air and all the posts reflected it. Whether it was trouble staying the course or discouragement due to lack of measurable success, it was definitely palpable.

My own energy was low yesterday, so I was thrilled to get done what we got done and call it a day. After dinner, I sat down to catch up on blog reading (one of my favorite activities) and I learned about the problems baby Stellan has been experiencing and my first thought was, "God works in mysterious ways". (If you don't know about Stellan, head over to MckMama's blog and read about it...he's been a miracle baby from the get go.) None of us seemed to know of the change in MckMama's life before we posted, so we posted our truths, but Baby Stellan's problems help put into perspective all the struggles the MYHSM bloggers posted about. His struggles and his mother's anguish don't negate the validity of our own journeys. We shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed by our own struggles in the face of an obviously more serious one. They, too, are legitimate. We do struggle to stay the course, we do struggle to keep the faith that we're doing right by our children, we do struggle to be good wives caring for our husbands and homes without losing ourselves along the way, but maybe, just maybe, we're forgetting how blessed we are, even in these struggles. Perspective is a good thing.

So, say some prayers for Stellan and his family, and all the other babies and their families who are struggling right now, but say some prayers for friends and families whose struggles aren't life-threatening, but are sapping their spirit. We all have different journeys, different lessons to learn, and we can all use a little support.


momstheword said...

Wonderful encouraging post. We all do have our moments of discouragement. We live in an "instant" society of expection instant gratification and we don't like to wait.

Wait for the computer to load? Wait for the microwave to cook? Are you kidding me? Who wants to wait.

Yet, with our families and children, we don't often get to see the fruits of all we're doing. We just have to know that the work that we do and the love that we give is important and necessary for a healthy, happy child.

You can tell by my son's post that even though they don't always say it over, the years, they do appreciate the things their parents are doing for them, and they remember.

You are so right, we can all use a little support and encouragement! I've got your back, girlfriend!

loveaphid said...

Its days like yesterday and times like this I am so grateful to have my sister back. Like sometimes you don't know how hungry you are until you eat, I didn't know how much I was missing you until I got you back. Thanks for being my new and hopefully ever after support system. It really is great to have a female relative close in spirit. Smooches Babe!

Erin said...

Thank you!