Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catching Up on Grace in Small Things...# 13-18

Some of you may have noticed, we fell behind on our daily Grace in Small Things.

Actually, I did. I think I like this new way of doing it more, so I may switch to a once a week posting of GIST. We'll see...

Anyway, here they are:

Buttercup finds grace in:
1. The fluffy fur on Biscuit.
2. Spokane
3. Blue Skies
4. Slippers
5. Water
6. Anti-itch cream

Valiant finds grace in:
1. The jacuzzi.
2. Books
3. Rain
4. Blankets
5. Cats
6. Napkins

Superman finds grace in:
1. Employment
2. Contentment
3. My Wife
4. My kids.
5. Spring
6. My workout buddy. (Guess who the Red Fox dumped me for?)

Charming finds grace in:
1. The opportunity to rearrange my room so my friends and I can hang out there
2. That people want to hang out with me.
(I have to get more from Charming...he's busy!)

I find grace in:
1. The first signs of spring...the little green shoots pushing their way through the soil.
2. The longer days.
3. My washing machine--seriously, imagine life without it.
4. Friends who keep in touch over long distances.
5. Bloggy support for personal challenges
6. Skype -- how cool is that?

We're still one day behind, but I think that is okay...


generationsgoneby said...

I am thankful for my wonderful kids.
A husband who is understanding.
And my mom, though she is driving me crazy right now.
A weekend to recuperate.
And the internet, for giving me mindless entertainment, so that I don't have to be around people to be around people. :)

There too busy to write a whole blog this week. LOL

Erin said...

I loved the last one...isn't it the truth?

momstheword said...

I heart my washing machine too! BTW, loved what you did with the dishtowels. The pillows are adorable!

Also think it's cool that you used to be a professional organizer! I used to entertain the idea of doing that but never did.

loveaphid said...

I Love Skype too, cuz I can have tea with you. Hooray for technology. Oh and my washing machine, drier and I are running away together, that's how much I love them. Seriously I loathe laundromats so I am acutely aware of how lucky I am to have a washing machine and drier. I am thinking of doing a laundry line in the back yard during the summer. Sun dried sheets and towels always smell so good, and its good for Mother Earth.

Erin said...

Last summer we had two months of appliance issues...first my washing machine broke, then my dishwasher broke, then my washing machine broke again. I've decided I can live without a dishwasher, but I need my washing machine...LA, I hang my clothes on the line during is a money saver, too