Friday, July 31, 2009

Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday...

If you haven't seen Tootsie's garden, you really need to head over there and check it out. Her garden is what I aspire to have, but I'm truly a few years away. This week, however, I'm joining Tootsie in her Fertilizer Friday party. Tootsie encourages all of us to fertilize once a week for gorgeous plants and, if that is what she does, then I'm copying her. (I think she uses pixie dust, too, but she won't cop to it!)

This week, I'm showing you plants that survived the great aphid infestation that devastated my seedlings this spring. The only reason these survived was their fortunate placement in my kitchen window rather than with all the other little seedlings. (Notice that I put flowers upstairs and left the vegetables and other flowers downstairs...hmmmm...I wonder what that says about my priorities?) Anyway, anything you see today I started from seed. I'm so proud of myself for having anything turn out...I've never started flowers from seed before.

So, here are my surviving impatiens. They're in a hanging basket right by my front door.

One of my zinnias - isn't she gorgeous? (Our heat wave is wreaking havoc on her leaves, though...poor thing.)

My only surviving marigold (she lives with the zinnias and the verbena in a huge pot):

And my only surviving verbena:

I just love flowers...especially since I moved into a part of the country where the difference between annuals and perennials is acute, I've become more and more addicted to these annual bursts of color. They just brighten things up, don't you think?


Dani Joy said...

Beautiful flowers! How are you finding time to post while you are traveling.

Tootsie said...

you are way too humble my friend. They look wonderful! Impatiens are not an easy plant to keep happy!!! Looks like you have the touch!
I have only just started to try to use zinnia...and I am not having much success with them either!
I have a lot of aphids here this season. My tree by the patio set is covered and they are killing several of my pansies...ah...the life of a gardener!!
I am so glad you joined in friend...see you again next week! Happy Flaunting!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Your flowers are GORGEOUS!

lilsista said...

Love your colorful bouqet of flowers!!! Thanks for the eye candy! Smiles:0)!

Pam said...

You started all those from seed? Wow! I am impressed. They look beautiful.