Monday, July 27, 2009

Making My Home Sing Monday - Back Home Again Edition

It is Monday and we're back! I am happy to be joining Nan at Momstheword's Making Your Home Sing party (I've missed two!) and, Boy, do I have my work out cut out for me.

After 14 days in our wonderful trailer, sitting back in a beach chair or floating in a ring on the river, cleaning very little, and just going a long day by day, my work is cut out for me. I've already done seven loads of laundry: three beds x not regular showers = a lot of bedding to get washed. Since the house wasn't vacant while I was gone (Charming was here the entire time and Superman was here six days), I have cleaning to do here, too. It is all good, though. My vacation was long enough that I'm happy to jump back into the thick of things here.

In addition to cleaning the house, I have the fun of going through the 220 (!) pictures I took during this vacation. 220 pictures...I really hope (and think) that I got some really terrific ones.

Lastly, I have 14 days of blogging to catch up on. A week's worth of posting at 365 Things You Didn't Know, plus reading everything everyone else has been up to.

One of the great things that happens when I take a trip is I come home so happy with my life. Truly, Superman and I have been so fortunate and it is good to be reminded of this. So, this week, our house is singing Proud of This House We Built.

Head over to Momstheword and see what everyone else is up to this week!

P.S. Loveaphid got a kitten...I'm so envious!


momstheword said...

Oh she did?! How fun. I love kitties but am allergic to them.

I am glad you had a great time but it's good to have you back!

When we used to come home from camping I couldn't wait to get unpacked and get a load of laundry started. I just looked forward to getting everything back to normal and get into my routine again.

Thanks for joining us today!

Alicia said...

That is definitely a long time to be gone! But, I'm sure you feel so refreshed!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

Dani Joy said...

So glad to see you back! I have to know where you went. that bay looks just like the bay where I grew up. I grew up going to two of the bays along lake Ontario in NY. This picture brought back so many memories. Canadian Geese and all!

Coming back off a vacation can be a little overwhelming. I have had to learn to take it little at a time and still relax. No stressin it. The Laundry will still be there. jeje.
At the same time get back into the swing of things.

Well, so glad to have you back!

Andrea said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful time. Sounds like you are prepared for the entry back into the real world after vacation.
Blessings, andrea

Clark said...

You know that you had a great time and that you are ready to come back when you can just pop back in to being at home again. I didn't get to spend the whole 14 days, but I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend.