Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you love where you live?

We do. We seriously love where we live. It is perfect of us right now. 4 years ago this summer we left Southern California for Eastern Washington and have never regretted it. Oh, it was difficult...really, really hard. We didn't know a soul and Superman didn't have a job. He bought a house for us without me seeing it first. Seriously challenging to plan that kind of thing. Yet, we knew it was time to leave, that So Cal wasn't our place any more. So, we leapt at the chance and haven't looked back. In the 4 years we've been here, it has become more and more clear that we were meant to be here. Superman found a perfect house for us and got a perfect job for him. Charming was able to go to college early because of the Running Start program here and has grown so much (boys can't bloom, right?).

Finally, this is the view out of our back deck:

And this is what we saw when we headed up the street to go swimming last week:

Not your typical So Cal neighbors!

So, do you love where you live? Why or why not?


Tootsie said...

I love my gardens...but could do without the neighbor on the one side...she is not a good lady!

lilsista said...

Okay...first of all I want to know why my sister Tootsie is up commenting at 5:25am when she has NO children at home this week! Ha! :0) She's nuts! I love my backs onto parkland so we too get deer and other wildlife bedding down in our yard sometimes :0) Sometimes you just know when it's time to move on...taking a leap of faith will certainly always end up being the right choice. Many times...if we would step out of the comfort that we know to be "safe" and do what God asks of us, we end up better off. I'm glad you've found happiness and peace where you are. Smiles! :0)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

OH wow! What a great view! I'm so glad you guys found a great place to live.

I wish I could say the same. I have made some great friends. But I do not like the area. Plus my husband's job situation is not the greatest. We are praying and hoping for the day that God will move us. It's in His hands.

Thanks for sharing such great pics with us.
Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we moved here 24 years ago and haven't looked back. Could do without the humidity, but other than that, we love it here.

Debbie said...

Okay - I'm a dissenter. We don't like where we live. Not the town. Not the house. Our house needs much work.

BUT, I have been inspired lately to change my attitude and apply some love and grace to our place and make it a sanctuary regardless. So we are talking about some new coats of paint and changes in some details here & there and then we can make it our "cozy nest." It's exciting to think about new ways to make our house be a home!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand where I live to be honest. It's small, it's out in the country, and everything closes at 5 P.M. and I have to drive an hour to anything open in the middle of the night.

I live here because I went through a divorce and got stuck. I can't get a job that pays enough to save up to leave, and I worry constantly about losing my job since unemployment is insane here.

The only bright spot is the fact I get to be the town tramp because I dress well, date often and I'm from a city.

momstheword said...

I have lived here for most of my life so I guess I'm used to it. We once were considering moving to Florida but never did.

What kept us here were my parents. They were getting older at the time, and our kids were pretty close to them. We just didn't want to move so far away from either of our families.

Personally, I'm glad you moved here!

Erin said...

Debbie, since I didn't live (as an adult) in a "house" until I was 35, I know what you mean. I did make all my apartments (and then our apartments) cozy nests. Putting your own stamp on your space makes it so you can hardly wait to open your door and enter your family sanctuary, whatever that may be for you.

Sewducky, Man, that does stink. Fingers crossed that your job will hang on. Having said that, I am laughing my butt off at the "town tramp" comment. I remember when my grandmother (who'd not known me growing up), decided I was a tramp when she met me because I wore a lot of make-up and too tight jeans (duh, it was 1986) funny. So, glad to know you're carrying the wild woman torch for us.

loveaphid said...

Yes I love where I live, but you knew that. And I'm so psyched that you got to see a deer on your way to swimming. Its like a perfect little snapshot that your kids will always remember when they think of this home. I love my sleepy little town which seems to have all of the benefits of country, suburbs, and being not more than 40 minutes from Boston, the city. I love my little house, it is starting to show its age, and it will be years before we can really turn it into the place it could be, but it is home, and comfortable and frankly its the first time I have wanted it to be my home. Yep, I love it.

Andrea said...

Hmmm... I like it, and don't like it. Seattle is still HOME, but it is good here too. People are friendly, the city is beautiful (and expensive!), and new England has a lot to offer. No family here though and that's a bummer!

So, what made you decide on Eastern WA?

Clark said...

I hindsight it was a very bold move that a lot of people thought was stupid. The weird thing was that it felt like the right thing to do. I think that the other things is that Erin and I never believe that anything is impossible if you want it badly enough.