Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cool Toy to Encourage Exercise

LoveAphid and I have committed to work out every week. We agreed to aim for five times a week, but will not accept anything less than four times a week. The accountability is helping, but I think this little tool my pal Melissa at 365 Days of Exercise found will really help, too. Melissa found "Tools to Keep You Active", a website hosted by the US government. In particular, we're participating in a transcontinental journey, logging our miles daily as we work our way across the country. The great thing is you can log walking, running, or cycling miles and they aggregate to calculate your progress. Melissa has a big head start on us all, as she's logged 89 miles in two months (how cool is that?).

(I am here: York County, VA)

This kind of tool really inspires me because I like seeing measurable progress that doesn't involve weight or inches. Beginning today, I'm going to share my progress with you all. Not only will it help me to know I'm posting, but it will encourage LoveAphid and Melissa because we'll be in this together. (Maybe it will also encourage LoveAphid to post on her personal blog, too, because these days, she's only posted on our shared blog!) So, as of today, I've logged 3 miles and I am now 9.97 miles out of Williamsburg, VA. (Do any of you live there? Wave to me as I pass by, please!)

Thanks, Melissa! Once again, you've inspired me to keep moving...

LoveAphid: I'm 2 for 3 this week!


Dani Joy said...

cool I will check it out. I personally use
that has been a big help for me and for accountablility.
The Lord has helped me lose 25 lbs since January.

Tootsie said...

girl if you walk all the way to Alberta Canada...I will give you more than a wave...a hug!!! and an ice cream cone!!! lol
good luck

lilsista said...

Wow! I think it's great that you are doing this...I have a treadmill that is now collecting dust! Maybe if I attach my laptop to it I will put on some miles :0)!
Smiles :0)!

Clark said...

I think that my choice of inspiration is a rather unflattering candid photo from our recent camping trip. I thought I was Superman, not Fred Flintsone.

Melissa Henning said...

Yaay! So glad you guys are joining me! Thank you again for all of your support as well! It's SOO motivating for me to know you are doing this too! :) :) :)

I couldn't figure out why I was so excited about that site, but you hit the nail on the head--it's another way to measure progress. It's not dangerous for me (us) and I love how visual it is. saying XX amount of miles doesn't give me concept of how far something actually is, until I see it on a map!

Anyway i have to go finish the last 1/2 of my exercise (only 20 mins) but im totally procrastinating!! I'll catch up on your blog later :) lol

Melissa Henning said...

lol @ "I thought I was Superman, not Fred Flinstone"