Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Pepsi!

Somewhere back in my blog, I told you about this shirt.

How I ended up with a Pepsi shirt, I really can't say. I don't drink Pepsi. I don't drink Diet Pepsi. I am a Diet Coke from the tap kind of girl. This shirt is a boxy man's t-shirt and its unattractiveness is only increased by the word "Pepsi" on the chest. Since it doesn't say anything on the back, however, I've been wearing it...false advertising in action. Anyway, I saw a tutorial on how to cut down a man's t-shirt (which I can't find to link for you!) and make it more wearable for a female and thought I'd give it a try. Plus, I'd been itching to try my hand at free-form applique and thought covering the Pepsi name would be the perfect opportunity.

First I used a seam-ripper and removed both sleeves. Then, I narrowed the cut of the shirt and, in so doing, cut smaller arm holes. Then I cut down the sleeves to make them cap sleeves and reattached them to the new arm holes. Sewed up the sides and I was done with the technical part.

For the fun part (the flower appliques), I just cut out some flowers I liked from a piece of fabric and sewed them on. (Presser foot UP...)

I like the way the shirt turned out, but now I'm wondering if I should cut off the ribbed collar and change the neckline and finish it up with bias tape...hmmmm...I am just using it for exercise, but I do like to wear cute things.


Lorrie said...

What cute flowers! Much better than an ole' Pepsi logo!

Melissa Henning said...

I <3 diet pepsi. I have to tell you that I LOVE diet coke from the tap though.

How creative are you!??! I did a triple take at those pictures. I didn't even know you could do that! ALL of my t-shirts are men's shirts. all that I wear are t-shirts. now that I am losing weight, it totally looks like I am wearing a man's shirt. I wish I had a sewing machine and knew how to do this, or I wish I lived closer so I could bother you for a

You really surprise me with all of the things that you do. I can't believe that God gave so much talent to just one person! He gave so much of it to you, it oozes out on every blog post that I read of yours!

loveaphid said...

Very cute, and yes take off the collar. It is completely out of place now.

Teresa said...

So Pretty. You did a great job of that applique.

n3isme said...

Hahahahaahhahahaahahah (rofl)
That's my T-shirt. I won it during a Japanese class competition at the community college. It looks way cooler now, though. Without a doubt.

Tricia said...

Yet another thing we have in common! It's always been diet coke for me (the insomniac's caffeine-free version) although I don't drink soda much at all these days - but when I get the craving, it's gotta be diet coke! Love your recycling ideas! You are so creative!

Btw, did you tell me once that Vitamin D is the ticket for insomnia?