Monday, October 5, 2009

Making Your Home Sing Monday - Evening Edition

I knew a few days ago that I was going to join the Making Your Home Sing party this week, but staying true to my goals meant I couldn't get to the blog until just now. (Vowing to take care of business before hitting the computer is going make all this blogging stuff tough unless I get my act together!)

As you all probably know, we are homeschoolers. I love being a homeschooler, but I've floundered in a few areas. Organization has taken care of most of them, but my greatest struggle has been to keep the kids physically active all through winter. They don't do sports and the urge for all of us is to hibernate during the cold winter months of December, January, and February. Unfortunately, that has translated to a bit of springtime pudge that is not good for anybody.

Go, Buttercup, Go!
(Buttercup and a boy whose
name I can't remember in
Pee Wee Track & Field -
City of Covina, CA April 2005)

I vowed this year was going to be different. Today marks the beginning of our 5th week of school (yes, already) and we've settled into a good pattern with our academics and our chores and the weather is cooling off, meaning the kids are not playing outside until all hours of the evening. The time was right, so when I was writing up their assignments this weekend, I added a new subject. Yep, you guessed it...PE. Good old Physical Education. I informed the children that they needed to do 45 minutes of legitimate physical activity M-F. Oh, yeah, I informed them that school was completed until PE was done. If school isn't done, you don't get to play on the computer, you don't get to watch a movie, and you certainly don't get to head over to a friend's house to do the same. Both kids are on board, so now it is up to me to stick to my guns.

So, this week Making Your Home Sing at our house means you'll be hearing...wait for it...wait for it..."Let's Get Physical!" by Olivia Newton-John. (Oh, come on, you knew I'd have to pick that song for this subject--the video is a hoot!)

To see what everyone else is doing, head over to Momstheword and jump in on the party...the more the merrier.


Mommie Strain said...

well i have never carried a baby past 37 weeks.. they are thinking i might make it to 35 weeks..but thank you for the well wish's..

loveaphid said...

Olivia Newton-John... Ha ha ha .

Go Buttercup, Go Valiant, Go Superman and most of all GO YOU!!!!!.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I bought a book that has P.E. games, skills and things for homeschoolers to do. So we used that! We also had P.E. at their homeschool co-op!

~ Nan