Friday, October 30, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday?! Again? I wasn't ready!

Well, we don't have a lot going on in our garden these days. We've got a ton of leaves to take care of this weekend and we're hoping to get the compost pile turned before the snow comes, but for now, the outside is done. Still, the barren landscape gives me a minute to show you two of the things I love in my backyard.

First, this post used to hold our pool cover (for an above ground pool) when we would swing the reel off the pool so the kids could swim. It was concreted in for stability and Superman didn't want to dig it up after we got rid of the pool. What to do with a pole in the middle of the yard?

Ah! A place for the birdhouses my kids have made for me, painted for me, or I've made with them. The house on the left was painted by Valiant when he was little-little (that means I don't know how old he was, but I'm thinking kindergarten) can't see it, but it has a bluebird and a sun and lots of other sunshine-y details. I love it. The house on the top? That was made by Buttercup as a Christmas gift. She used scrap wood Superman had in the garage and refused to let her dad help with much of anything. I think I painted the other two, but I can't be certain. I love looking out and seeing the treasures my children have created. It makes my heart happy.

This other view is looking towards our koi pond and Buttercup's "clubhouse" (which doubles as the "area under the deck that was going to waste until she claimed it"). The window you see looking out towards the pond is the one where you'd see me at the computer, if you were peeking over my fence and had good eyesight! The "No-Fishing" sign just cracks me up because our fish have such weird names: Bait, Filet, Bobo, and Guppy 2.0 (Guppy died). The little house behind the sign? That actual covers the pump for the pond and made, again, of scrap lumber from a neighbor's fence. The rocks around the pond? Oh, they came for free when we bought the house...they were in the dirt everywhere...weren't we fortunate?

As you can see Buttercup has begged, borrowed, and stolen construction supplies, unused landscaping materials and even the rug from her room to make her area nice (I thought we were saving the rug for another decor iteration of her room, but she says the dogs "need" it!). The dogs sure like appreciate her efforts.

P.S. Did you know, as long as we keep a hole in the ice for oxygen, the koi will survive the winter just fine? They just go dormant, almost hibernating, until the ground warms up again. Cool, isn't it?


xinex said...

Wow! I wish tropical plants would just hibernate like the kois. I have a problem where to put all of them when it gets cold. Clever idea about the post!...Christine

Evelyn Howard said...

HI Erin
I like yr birdhouses. Do you get many visitors?
A koi pond - how fantastic. I love the sound of water flowing too. Very theraputic.
Have a nice weekend, Evelyn

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Love your birdhouses. Buttercup...a girl after my own heart. Use what you have to make what you want!! Smart cookie!
Have a great weekend!

Tootsie said...

I love your special pieces girl...Buttercup is very creative!!! good for her...girl power! have a wonderful weekend...thanks for linking in.

I didn't know that about those fish...around here people bring them inside I think

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I think the birdhouses are way cool!!!

SmilingSally said...

It's amazing that fish can live in such frigid conditions.