Saturday, January 23, 2010

Game Night has morphed into Craft Night

With all the men in the neighborhood gone (or super busy with school, like Mr. N), the ladies and I decided that Saturday night Game Night was out and Craft Night was in. Our dining room table hosted four sewing machines, the kitchen table was a cutting table and the den floor was covered in fabric. The boys hid in the basement playing video games.

I must admit it was awkward at first, the girls all milling about, sure there was some trick to the statement, "Make whatever you'd like." Soon, however, they were entranced by the fabric choices three households came up with. By the end of the evening, we saw the making of a purse, two fleece blankets, and some embellished dish towels...with plans already under way for what they were going to make next week.

As always, Kaleb was a hit.

When I asked if Craft Night was something they wanted to do again, the answer was an emphatic, "yes". My only problem? Valiant doesn't want to be relegated to gaming. He wants to craft, too

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Clark said...

I vote that Valiant join craft night! There has to be some way of making that happen.