Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback

I can't believe it is Friday Photo Flashback already. I know, I know. For some of you it is the second one you're doing this year, but for me, this is the first one of the new year.

As you probably already know, this is the time Alicia at More Than Words asks us to dig through our old photos and share something fun with you all. When I found this one in November, I knew it was perfect for this meme.

So, here is the sister calls me and says, "I need a picture of Charming when he was little so I can put it on a Red Robin gift card." Of course, being the good mother and sister that I am, I put it off until she called me three times. (Hey, what can I say? I've been a bit distracted!) Originally, LoveAphid was asking for a picture of Charming with his beloved Mr. Lion, his constant companion from the time he was six months old until he was six or seven. I knew just what picture she was talking about, but I just couldn't find it. (Actually, I still can't find it...sigh.) Instead, I found this picture and it was even better.

Look at this! Isn't it terrific? It is Charming at 2 1/2 with Mr. Lion is sitting on the table as we finish up lunch on the patio at the Red Robin in Calabasas. You can clearly see the Red Robin logo on his cup. Obviously, this was the picture for the gift card. Look how hip and happening Charming is in his Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt.

See what I mean? This picture was perfect for the Red Robin Gift Card. And Charming looks, well, Charming!

Head over to Alicia's to see what everyone else came up with for the 2010 edition of Friday Photo Flashback.


His Unfailing Love said...

the lion is cute, and your son is adorable... Thanks for sharing.

Veronica Lee said...

Cute overload!!

Love the pic!!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Oh yeah, definitely charming!!! Could that picture GET any more perfect for a gift card??? Good job! ♥

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

What a perfect picture for the gift card!

Darcie said...

How perfect was that? Perfect I say, and isn't Mr. Charming adorable.

Have a great weekend.

loveaphid said...

I must admit it worked out better than well. The card was terrific, even if it took some prompting to get him to actually look at the card. I'm super glad you found that photo!

Muthering Heights said...

That is such a cute photo of him! :)

Alicia said...

Look at him!!! He is soooo cute!! And what a coincidence about Red Robin!!!!! Very cool!

Ebie said...

Love Charming's pose and smile. Its a beautiful shot with the reflection on the glass!

Welcome to Friday Photo Flashback!