Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 will be a year of new experiences..

For awhile now, I've been alluding to big changes going on in the Nagle5 world, but until everything was finalized, I couldn't tell anyone. As you know, Superman's employment situation was, in our opinion, getting more and more tenuous each day. We are not people who like waiting for things to happen to us...instead, we prefer to direct the course of our lives. Rather than waiting for him to get laid off and then find himself looking for a job with everyone else, he's decided to take this opportunity to continue adding to his skill base and, thus, his employment options by accepting a position as a civilian contractor in support of the U.S. military overseas. On January 15th, he'll be leaving to fulfill a year-long contract overseas, which means Buttercup, Valiant, and I will be on our own here in Eastern Washington.

To say we're a bit nervous about it all would be an understatement. I understand lots of military families deal well with separations of this nature, but we're not a military family. While I have confidence that we will be fine, I am not underestimating the challenge we face this year. I hope you'll enjoy the Nagle5 News trying-new-things editions this year...I'm sure they will be filled with laughter, tears, triumphs and struggles. Oh, wait...isn't that what life is always about?

Anyway, that's enough about me. What about you? What are you going to be doing in 2010? Anything new and exciting going on at your house? In your life? With your family? Tell me...I really do want to know.


generationsgoneby said...

Well, we'll be sending our second child off to college this year, so we'll be poor. LOL No seriously, we will be learning to live a little tighter as we learn to budget for college expenses for two and as we learn to be a family of four. We will finally fit into booths at restaruants! It will be sad to have both of the older two out of the house, but I am excited about what lies ahead for them as our oldest finishes his first year of college, and his sister graduates from high school.
And I am sure you'll be able to follow my adventures in redecorating, as I find some area of our house that needs some updating. I know baseboards and trimwork are going to get sprucing up this year as well as porch railings and deck railings. Somehow I will manage to make that exciting. LOL
And I am excited to see what this new blank slate of a year has in store for me. God has big plans for us in 2010. I am open to serve Him and see where He plans on taking me. It's a whole new decade! Let's embrace it.

Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

Wow, that is a big change! I pray all goes well! I'm hoping not to have too many big new experiences this year! No moving I hope!