Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Images

Thought I'd share some pictures from our quiet Thanksgiving celebration. They are a far cry from the boisterous Thanksgiving's we'd have back in So Cal, but we still try to do it right.

Superman cooked everything but the dessert. He says I cook for the family all year long, so he can take over on the holidays. (What? You think I'd argue? Are you crazy?)

Buttercup took over the reigns and decided to do our tablescape. I told her whatever she did would be perfect and I think she did a terrific job. (This is the first year she's done it and she came up with the entire thing on her own.)

As always, we had the bear-bread massacre at the table. Somehow my kids have decided that ripping apart little teddy bear breads (with sound effects!) is a good thing!

Finally, with Charming's plans for the future, it is entirely possible that I won't have all three of my kids together next Thanksgiving, so I had to get a shot of them. Aren't they gorgeous? Biased? Me? No way! (The photo isn't terrific, but it is good enough for me.)


Andrea said...

WOW...sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving and yes, the kids are Gorgeous.

Lorrie said...

What a great thanksgiving. the kids are adorable. I'm working on posting my thanksgiving pictures now and I wished I would have got a pic of all of us...have a great Saturday.

Dani Joy said...

What a beautifully special day you must have had! Gorgeous table, and beautiful children!

How wonderful that Superman did the food! What a treat.

How is the Shred coming along? I have a friend who just started it. wanted to send her your way.

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Marcelle said...

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us....always good to see a man dressed in an apron in the kitchen...mine never goes into the kitchen unless its to make fried eggs on toast which I love but haven't had in ages due to the weight loss program I follow.
Bread rolls are such an interesting shape...never seen anything like it before.
Great photo of your children...are they not a mom's the dress your daughter is wearing.

DarcyLee said...

I love your bear bread and I do believe my sons-in-law would be making the ripping noises, too. It's just inevitable! LOL What a great picture of the kids, too. Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving day.