Saturday, November 14, 2009

It Finally Came, But It Didn't Stick Around

The "measurable" snow we were promised finally arrived yesterday afternoon. As you can see, it was just enough to make everything look as if it had been dusted in powdered sugar, but not enough to get in our way.

As the afternoon wound down, Buttercup and her pals suited up in snow gear and started playing the snow on the other cul de sac, leaving the serenity of this scene unchanged.

By the time night fell, the temperature had dropped enough that it wasn't melting away immediately and even the road had a dusting. What does that mean? Ice in the morning!

Winter is on her way...


Andrea said...

Beautiful. I love snow....don't like ice, though! All we got was about 8 inches of rain.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

It was 72 here yesterday. I wanted to turn on the AC, but I managed to avoid temptation. I worked on the Living room and it was so hot in the house that I was sweating and you had snow. How odd is that. Of course, it's usually like that around here. Warm one day, cold the next. Glad you have the snow. I hate it.

Melissa Henning said...

man I miss living in WA...even in Reno for this reason (I miss the snow).

loveaphid said...

At least your first measurable snow fall was pretty. We had ours on October 16th, it was a heavy, wet, and slushy snow that only served to make people miserable. AND it came way to early. I was standing in Gillette Stadium smack in the middle of it. Fun time. (actually it really was.)
I love winter pretty much up until the last week of January... then it starts to wear on me. February and March are my least favorite weather months. They are dark, cold and wet. At least we have the fire place, enough wood to last until the new millennium and warm kitties to cuddle with. Makes it a whole lot bearable.