Monday, November 2, 2009

Look what I did!

Here I shared with you my painful realization that I must get back into shape (and I mean something other than "round"!). I also told you that I'd committed to myself to exercise every single day in October, only to be derailed by the flu (mine and the kids). Well, I still exercised 20 days last month - not bad at all, if I do say so myself. Notice that big blank in the middle? That is when I was sick.

This is what my exercise schedule looked like last month:

And this is how I ramped it up after I'd been sick. Like the kids, I'd committed to 45 minutes a day, minimum. Unlike the children, I don't get weekends off. (If Melissa can do it for a year...I think I can manage a few months.)

(Oops, I forgot to write the distance on the treadmill for October 31, but it was 2 miles.)

Translated? I pedaled 175.4 miles on my exercise bike in October. I also ran/walked 19.5 miles. That means, in the month of October, I traversed 194.9 miles. That is almost 200 miles! Can you believe it?

On my transcontinental journey, this is where I was yesterday.

236.5 mi - "17.53 mi to Vesvius, VA", Nelson County
"Section: 12 Map Name: Blue Ridge, 143"

So, please forgive me...I can't help but brag a little...I'm so proud of myself for sticking to my commitment to myself. Do my clothes fit any differently? No, of course not...not yet. But my skin fits you know what I mean? I feel happier inside than I have in a long time.


PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Congrats...good for you!!! :)
Living it up at Lakewood,

loveaphid said...

Hooray !!! you go sister! Rock it, yeah! wooo hooo, Look at you, you look mahvelous. Have you been working out? "Rrrowr" cat call, whistle whistle, yeah baby work it.

Alicia said...'re an inspiration!! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job! I love the new header by the way! Perfect for the new you. I think you read perker too. but I would say those trees are probably red and gold right now, it's pretty much fall here in the deep south. You'd be seeing weather in the middle 60s low 70s with a cool breeze in the day times, low 40s at night. You'd see reds, golds, and yellows on those trees and might even see a deer or two by the road, but watch out for snakes. The rain has really brought them out lately. Enjoy the ride.

Andrea said...

Way to go! that is impressive!

E @ Scottsville said...

Man, I really need to force myself back to excercising!!! I know I felt so much better when I did it regularly, but I got out of the habit and got in a slump.

Thanks for the inspiration!