Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 1 - 30 Day Shred Challenge!

It is Day 1 of our 30 Day Shred Challenge. Did you do it? Did you move your body for 20 minutes today? It is not too late. It is not even too late to run out to buy the video...Target has it on sale for $9!

I know LoveAphid did it because she called me and said, "Tell me again why we are doing this?" (She was panting in my ear!) She hasn't blogged about how much fun it was, though...I wonder why? I'm waiting to hear from Melissa at 365 Days of Exercise, but we know she's dedicated! (She's also super funny...she posted a picture of the Wii fit age she earned yesterday because it was 9 years less than her real can see her little Mii jumping up and down!) My friend Generations Gone By wants to know if she can get credit for shopping for baby girl clothes (um, no!) and Alicia and Andrea say they're in, but none of them have yet shared with us their 20 minutes today. Even my neighbor said she was going to join the Challenge to move 20 minutes a day! (And, Alicia, she's got five kids, too!)

So, what about me? Well, I did it! Not only that, Valiant and Buttercup have joined in on the challenge, too. My feedback? 20 minutes feels like a really long time! My quads hurt while I was doing it and my arms got tired by the end. Did I mention this is Level 1? Buttercup said it was fun (and said she should use weights tomorrow)...Valiant said it was hard, but he doesn't bend his knees which made every exercise more difficult (because his mother kept saying, "Bend your knees!"). Actually, I'm just excited that the Challenge has begun and I'm not alone.

So, what have you done today to make you feel proud? Remember, tomorrow comes either will be what you make of it! You CAN do whatever you set your mind to.


Anonymous said...

I just cleaned house today. Didn't get the exercise part done but I was climbing chairs washing windows. I know excuses. My arthritis is really bothering me today. Back to the bone doctor tomorrow. But I got everything out of the floor, so I will be able to do the Wii tomorrow.
I did get something bought for the baby, not clothes. And took Hubby out for his birthday. Productive day. But I have been really tired. I think I over did it last week moving furniture.

Andrea said...

Made it to the doctor to receive a monthly shot, picked up meds at the pharmacy, and encouraged a hurting friend. That's about it.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

I'm in! Because if I exercise everyday, my husband said he would actually study for the lieutenant's test at the fire department (he was considering bagging out until I agreed). I went to the gym, did several running form exercises, 20 light weight squats and then rowed for 3000 meters. Ugh!!! first day back in four weeks. I am not looking forward to tomorrow! Kris Grooms

loveaphid said...

Sorry I have not posted yet. Fig came home about 2 minutes after I got off the phone with you. So I talked to him for a bit. Then made Dinner... and then you know how it is. I will post something today when I have completed today's work out. I will tell you this, I did not think that I would be as sore today as I am. My arms and abs are screaming bloody murder today and my injured shoulder is like, "are you nuts?". In the long run though, the more I move my shoulder the less it hurts. I found that out when I was raking a few weeks ago. It hurts while I'm doing it, then a day or so later it feels better than it has. My guess,this injury would likely benefit from PT, not surgery. So I'm going to target to buy weights. I know I could use soup, but I'd like to own a pair of weights.

Anonymous said...

Saw the bone doctor. He said he tought it was over exhertion and gave me a stroid. And one of those tens machines that stimulates the muscles, but I have to have an MRI on Friday just in case. So I am home and going to go do my PT. Don't want to stop now and lose the progress I have made. LOL And then I am going to do my Monday chores that didn't get done yesterday because I really didn't feel good and then I am going to finish my fall cleaning if I have time. I have been off a week and a half and I haven't done a thing yet. LOL And yet I haven't sat down. LoveAphid, Yes, PT is better. But man does it hurt. He said he thought mine was unhappy muscles. Well Duh! So I will go dig out the Wii and push aside some dust bunnies and get in my 20 for today.