Friday, November 20, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge - Day 5!

Woo Hooo! Day 5 is put to bed! Yes, you read that correctly...I am already done with Day 5 of the Challenge. To put it another way, I only have 25 more days to go!

We're heading out in a few minutes to go to the oral surgeon for Valiant's extractions, so we knew we had to do it early. Valiant and I got up and got it done.

Did you notice, however, that I didn't include Buttercup in that sentence? You did? Really? Go figure. Curiously, Buttercup didn't think starting the video at 7:40 AM was a fun idea, so she bagged it and stayed in bed. She says she going to do it later today, but we're skeptical. We'll keep you posted.

In other challenge news, Karen (and her daughter, Miss J) have returned from the great void and say they're joining up four days late, so they'll be finishing up four days late. Hey, Miss J, tell your mom I'm keeping track! (Hey, Karen, did I cheat on you by moving someone else's furniture?)

Generations Gone By is feeling better. A trip to the doctor and some magic medicine got her back on the treadmill and she's getting her 20 minutes in each day. (Hey, T, I knew you were teasing me...I was just sending you virtual love!) LoveAphid rules the world and is just plugging away, cheerful as all get out about getting encouraging emails from one of our brothers and his lady. Melissa is figuring out how to fit this challenge in with a toddler, a puppy, and a full-time job; oh, and a recently-sprained ankle.

So, have a terrific day and remember to ask yourself, what have you done today to make yourself proud?

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Anonymous said...

Go in the Yoga today. Did a little decorating today, though I am not in the Christmas spirit. Not that I am against it, just don't feel like decorating. The food, and Jesus, and gifts I am fine with, just not in the mood for decorating. Luckily #3 is...