Monday, August 17, 2009

"Make It Yourself" Monday

Last month, I told you I was already thinking about Christmas presents. Yes, it was July, but if I'm going to have any chance of having a hand-made Christmas, I've got to start working now. Truthfully, I'll probably be doing a lot of thinking, planning, and plotting this month. I don't see myself having a lot of time for sewing or crafting before September, but I really want to have a plan.

To that end, I'm designating Mondays as "Make It Yourself" Monday. Every Monday I'll share with you the ideas I have for something I'll be making for Christmas. Yes, it seems early, as Back to School hasn't even happened yet, but last year I started just too darned late and didn't want to sacrifice participating in the holidays to keep sewing. This year, I'm determined. Hopefully, you'll find a few ideas from my ideas (even if they're ideas for things you can buy for people on your list) and maybe you'll even have suggestions as to how I might make an idea even better. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

So, without further ado, here is my first frugal, hand-made Christmas idea:

See these tablecloths? I got them on clearance at Target last year for $6.00 each. Each tablecloth measures 60 x 120 inches. So, what am I going to do with these tablecloths, you ask? I'm making holiday napkins! Have you ever priced cloth napkins? Seriously. $2 a napkin? Oh, come on! I knew I could do better than that and when I saw these tablecloths it all clicked together. At 20" square (a nice size for a napkin), each tablecloth will yield 18 napkins. You can't beat that price for the fabric alone! Some clever seasonal napkin rings (make them yourself ideas to follow as I find them!) and you have a few nice gifts or a terrific addition to your own holiday place settings.

Never thought about making your own cloth napkins? Skip To My Lou has an easy mitered-corner napkin tutorial if you need a little guidance. Otherwise, napkins are a pretty easy sewing project. Another idea for inexpensive yardage would be to get a flat sheet in a fabric you liked (clearance priced, of course).

So, there you have it, my first Make It Yourself project suggestion. What do you think? If someone who knew you and and knew your tastes gave you some table dressing for the holidays, would you like it?


Tootsie said...

will you bee putting it into a mister linky???? I do an ornament for everyone I know every year...or a set of (depending on what it is)
I design and create them all starting around this time of year. I am plotting and scheming and will soon be looking for the supplies for whatever it is that I settle on making!
I love the idea of the a show and teach post for me? I am so not good with my I need a tutorial!!!

Anonymous said...

To answer if I would like it, no. I have my own I use, lol. Not that I would tell anyone, but I have (at last count) 14 sets of table settings in different colors/themes. I am also not most people, and because I dress loud, people assume I like my house loud, which isn't the case. Most people would, and I'm weird and it's always been popular when I've done it.

Andrea said...

That's a great price for a lot of fabric! Great idea!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh what a great idea! You are so talented and creative my friend!

E @ Scottsville said...

What a fabulous idea! Great thinking and those will make GREAT gifts, too!

Anonymous said...

Another cheap way to decorate if you have young children is to buy $1 yard material and use it for table clothes at holiday times. Just measure the table and add some for hang over. Just make sure the material is wide enough. Sometimes you have to double it down the middle. But you can get some really pretty table clothes for around $4 that way.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!! I have made our own cloth napkins, but I used cheap scrap this is a great idea for pretty ones!!! and so frugal...perfect!

momstheword said...

What an awesome idea. When we got married a friend gave us some homemade cloth placemats and napkins (in a contrasting but matching pattern) and we loved it!