Monday, August 31, 2009

Instead of Make It Yourself Monday

We'd like to introduce you to the newest measure of the family:

Meet Oliver! He's 4 months old and was left in a box outside the vet's office. He needed a loving home and we needed another cat!

A match made in heaven. He's spending a lot of time hiding under the brown chair.

Sam fell asleep while he waited for Oliver to come out.

Oliver finally came out (when Superman had me tip the brown chair on its front so he could nab him).

Then he went to hide under the couch in the next room. Sigh...

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!


Tootsie said...

he's adorable! I hope he is much nicer than Bumble Bee....he's the meanest cat I have ever seen...we are looking for a good home for him...he hurts the kids...and they are afraid of him most of the time...he needs to go where there are only adults! sad...I'm attached to the little bugger!
The vet is the one that suggested we go for a no kids house if we don't keep him...she can't believe how mean he is too...she said it is because he was taken from his momma too early in his little life!
Lesson...(for me anyways) learned!

Darla said...


Clark said...

He is really a nice cat so far. I hope that we are able to bring Slinky home to be with him.

Anonymous said...

Aww, my demon cat of doom (whom I'm ridiculously close to) spent 6 months hiding behind my couch, and he was 3 years old when I got him. Never know it from pictures or me talking, and he turned into the best cat ever. Sometimes a little patience is all that's needed.