Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

Okay, it is Friday Photo Flashback and I'm away on our last camping trip of the season, enjoying some unseasonable hot weather as I kick back at the river. That doesn't mean I'm not going to jump in and join the fun, however. When you're done walking down Memory Lane with me, head on over to Alicia's at More Than Words and see what everyone else dug up. (Sorry I can't put in a link, but I did this post ahead of time... will get you to More Than Words and I'm certain you can get to the Friday Photo Flashback posts from there!)

As for me, I bent the rules a bit and came up with a digital photo. This is from five years ago and I just couldn't believe how much my children have changed in the past five years. I went from having a little girl and two boys-who-were-still-kids to having a young adult, a teenager, and one who lets me know she's not little any more. Sigh...I miss those days...sometimes I think I blinked and missed a few years. When did this all happen?

Anyway, this picture was taken at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. The kids had never been and Charming headed off with some bigger kids to do "real roller coasters" while Buttercup and Valiant were in the kiddie section with me. This shot was taken where we met up for a little bit. Can you tell they'd just been on a water ride?


Beth in NC said...

Kids grow up way too fast. Sigh.

Have a great Friday!

loveaphid said...

Kind of makes me sad I missed it, but there is still plenty of time in the future. I'm just going to be sure I make as many memories with them now as I can. :-)