Monday, May 4, 2009

Quick and Easy Organizational Tip

The problem of what to do with our Dance Pad mats has plagued us since with got them. First we rolled them up and put them in a closet, but they have long cords that get in the way and they just don't roll up well. (That doesn't even take into account that they take well to being rolled up all the time.) Then I stashed them in an unused part of our basement, definitely out of the way, but, too out of the way: the kids forgot about them. Well, I pulled them out last week (before I got sick) and the kids and I played on the Dance Pads for a few days and they stayed on the floor in the family room. Again, not a good solution. Then, inspiration hit: Skirt or Slacks hangers and an over the door hook (all of which I had) would do the trick beautifully.

You could use this idea to store the cute playmats for kids--you know, the ones with roads and such, or you could use this idea to do something else I do: hang up seasonal door mats and seasonal flags. Yep, I put all my door mats and seasonal flags on skirt hangers and hang them on nails in the unfinished part of our basement (your garage would work, too). Viola, easy to see and find, not wrinkled, and easy to get to. Isn't that what organization is supposed to do for you?

P.S. You can also store long table cloths this way, as well. (I have a huge one stored this is in my coat closet on the far side where it is tough to see your coats anyway!)


Melissa Henning said...

great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Always a Southern Girl said...

That's a excellent idea, I am going to have to hang up my seasonal flags like that.

Anonymous said...

I got a big basket from MOm this weekend for all our Wii stuff. I am going to put it where the bird cage was when we had a parakeet. He died a few months ago. I like the idea that it will be decorative and storage too. I like this idea, but don't have a door in that room.

Erin said...

You are most welcome.

Gens, I definitely would try to keep it in the room, decoratively. Why not? It is part of your life.