Friday, May 29, 2009

Man, I love Skype...

My little brother is on active duty with the Navy overseas and even when he's not, he and my darling sister-in-law live 1300 miles from us. I haven't seen him in a couple of years, but with the magic of Skype, the kids and I got to visit with him yesterday! How cool is that? This is a screen shot of a moment in our conversation...not bad for free internet video phone, is it? It was so good to see him as well as talk to him.

This week I've gotten to talk with my sister, my sister-in-law and now my brother...all for free and all via Skype. Please, please tell me you're Skyping?

P.S. I also got to see my sister's new haircut via Skype yesterday (she's 2000 miles away), but I was too busy gushing over just how gorgeous it was to take a screen shot ...what was I thinking? (Seriously, it was gorgeous.)

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Andrea said...

My son will be going to california in January and then on to Afganastan (sp). I will soon be learning to Skype..I am sure!

Erin said...

You'll love it, Andrea...I promise!

Anonymous said...

When my nephew was in Iraq, we bought the kids video cams for the computers so they could talk to him via the computer. They would meet with him after school whenever he could get away. I don't know who it was best for, him overseas and away from home for basically the first time, or my kids who were terrified for thier cousin in a war zone. (Or me because I could walk by and see him standing there alive and laughing with the girls. ) He's home safe now and was just here today, but that technology sure did make those scary days a lot brighter. Plus it made the cousins who are 8 and 14 years apart in ages a lot closer.