Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Family Room Update

Well, if you remember from this post, we've been working on our family room since I came home from a camping trip in June inspired and energized. We quickly figured out it was a bigger job than we'd anticipated and so, here we are in September, still not quite done, but getting really close. Painting the room orange led the way, but getting all the furniture rearranged helped us see how we could use the room better.

Since then, I've been purging school supplies and craft supplies that I'm no longer using, as well as rehanging pictures and generally working to get the room feeling open. We still need to put in the flooring, but that can be done when outside work can't be done. We've also decided to remove the backing from the shelves so the orange walls will show through.

Still on list, but truly undecided, is new slipcovers for my Ikea couch and chair. JCaroline Home just introduced slipcovers for this chair and the Poang chair and is working on the Klippan slipcover, so I could definitely go with something bold. I really can't decide if I should go with something bold or if I should just get new, fresh (translation: cleaner) slipcovers in the same colors. I told you about some bold fabrics I bought to make pillows, but I think I'm going more modern than that (at least it is emerging that way). I really can't decide.

Here is the view from the door, looking into the room. The two big windows help keep this room full of natural light all day, but in winter, we close up those red blinds almost all the way, seal the windows with plastic, and get all cozy.

Here is the view from my desk, looking at the opposite corner and the kids desk. (They're cute little WIPs, too, aren't they?) The mirror over their desk is bold, but also helps keep light bouncing around the room. (See the backyard reflected in the television? That illustrates how much we feel like we're in a garden in this room.)

Finally, this is the view of my desk from the bookshelf side of the room. As you can see, I've set it up so I have a sewing side and computer side. I think it is working out really well, but we'll see how I make it through the Christmas season--fingers crossed. You can't really see them, but that is a picture I picked out myself when I was very little and some art that Superman made for me as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I love them all. Oh, and the shiny thing? That is our personalized license plate from California. It says: NAGLE5.

So, imagine the room with the tile completed (and after the great flood of last December, we'll be keeping is impervious!) and the backs off the shelves and tell me, what would you do?


DarcyLee said...

I think it looks great Erin! I love your orange walls, too. We actually just painted our floor after 2 floods in our family room. It turned out much better than we thought it would.

loveaphid said...

OK I love the idea of taking off the backs of the bookshelves (or if you want to contrast painting the insides with a green or a red. I think you should get a new slip cover from JCaroline, but I get that the cost is something you would like to avoid. But if I were to do this, I would definitely get a JCaroline slip cover. In fact, I am thinking of getting one for my Poang Chair and foot rest in my living room. Hummus has not been kind to the one I currently have. The only other thing I think this room needs is living green stuff... you know plants. They would soften the contrast, add fresh air and give a nice tropical feeling to the room. So there is my $.05 worth (you know inflation and all).

Anonymous said...

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