Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Well, all the mending and alteration is done from last week, but I still need to try my hand at freestyle applique on that Pepsi shirt. In the meantime, Superman is finishing up a little project in our dining room and I thought I'd share it with you.

Before: We wanted the dining room to be more separated from the entry way...

Stage 1: So Superman got to work. (The red rug? A victim of the cat and outside drying out after being cleaned.)

Stage 2: Look! All that is needed now is a couple coats of paint and a vacuum. The dining room looks separate from the entry way and the entry way is still nice and open. Isn't Superman wonderful!

Next step? A bench with room underneath for people to put their boots. We need a place to sit while taking on and off winter gear! Superman is going to make one and I already have the boot caddy.

P.S. That pumpkin came from our own garden! Isn't that cool?


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Your dining room is beautiful!!! I love that little partition too. How wonderful that your hubby is so handy! Loving it!
Love Collette xxxx

DarcyLee said...

It looks great, Erin. What a sweet hubby you have. And it is very, very cool that the pumpkin came from your own garden.

Erin said...


Anonymous said...

I love. Great idea and so easy. I'd make the top wider, so it would hold books and back packs, but you home school so you don't need that extra space. Or probably the clutter. ;)

loveaphid said...

That make such a huge difference. Wow. I heart it. I can't wait to see the coolness that will be the bench. AWESOME!!!

Oh and I have extreme pumpkin envy, mine didn't even flower this year. They get a new place in the garden next year.