Monday, September 21, 2009

Have no fear, Oliver is here!

Buttercup still has her pom-poms from her time taking cheer. They've always seemed pretty harmless to me.

I had no idea they posed a threat to the public safety.

Fortunately, Oliver is on top of the situation and is keeping them subdued.

Sometimes, however, they seem to fight back!

Then he has to sit on them.

(I know you all are resting easier knowing he's on the job.)


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Lol! love it! what a cute kitty! We have two Tigger and Poppy.
Love Collette xxx

Anonymous said...

wow, send him on over, we have like 10 years of those things around here and I thought they were benign. Little did I know. Our cat never seemed to notice. He was always worried about the threat posed by black socks. Only black ones. Other colors were fine.

loveaphid said...


I have one who does the same thing with an old wreath bow and a hair scrunchie. Both very devious and dangerous items. I'm glad to know these righteous defenders are here for us.