Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It all started with a simple idea...

Seriously. Then it grew and grew and grew.

Superman and I talk a lot about a lot of things during our vacations. This vacation was no different. One of the things we talked about was how I missed have an area in our house that was devoted to conversation, an area where work didn't get done. In our California house, our living room (not a formal room) served that function and it was a calm room. Here in this house, we didn't have such a room because the room that served as our living room also had a big desk in it. So, during our vacation, I mentioned to Superman that I'd love to get the desk out of the living room. He agreed (!) and we started talking about what we could do with the desk. "Hey, we could put in the family room (the macaroni and cheese room) and you could use it there!" That lead us to the questions of a) what we could do with the desk I was currently using for crafting, etc., in the family room and b) what would we do with the kids' desk. "I know! We can put my desk in Buttercup's room and take her old desk (two inexpensive bathroom vanities topped by a sheet of melamine) and bring them to the family room to be the kids' new desk." That still left the questions of how we would place the furniture in the family room, what we would put the television on, and how we'd arrange the living room without the desk. To make a very long 36 hours short, our final plan ended up requiring us to rethink and rearrange: The Living Room, The Dining Room, The Family Room, Charming's Room, Buttercup's Room, and Our Room. Oh, yeah, and Superman will be spackling and touching up paint in four of those rooms, too!

All because I said, "I'd really like to have a room that functions like our old living room functioned." Seriously, why can't I be quiet?

(Pictures to follow!)


momstheword said...

It's funny how my planning makes more work for my hubby too, lol!

I remember after we moved in here I did not want a t.v. in the living room. So we put it in the family room and then eventually put a small one in the sunroom so the kids could watch morning cartoons (and I could keep an eye on them).

Nobody used the living room for work either. They still don't, lol! Well, my kids would sometimes do their school work in there.

I love my sunroom too. It's probably my favorite room in the house.

loveaphid said...

Oh, you love it and you know it. Shaking things up make it feel shiny and new. I can't wait to see the pics.

Clark said...

We need to find other things to do on vacation!