Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I joined a gym with Superman...

...even as we're doing our best to live a frugal life. Besides needing more exercise, why would I join a gym? Well...

Superman and I joined a gym last night and I am typing this at 5:20 AM (seriously, Dad!) Thursday morning. I'm waiting for Superman so we can go to the gym before he goes to work...and I am cheerful about being awake at this time. Why?

1) Going to the gym with Superman 4-5 days a week is a "good for us" way to spend more time together.

2) Going to the gym with Superman 4-5 days a week is far better for us than going to fast food together and will actually cost less.

3) Getting up to go to the gym before the school day starts will make for a more smooth homeschooling day.

4) Seeing Superman and me pay more than lip service or catch-as-can effort to staying physically fit is good for our children.

5) I need to get out of the house and away from my kids a little more often and for $20 as month, this is a healthy way to accomplish it.

6) I need incentive to get my fanny out of bed earlier each day...knowing that Superman needs accountability to work out, too, just sweetens the pot.

7) I love the gym and I tried the home gym with only limited success for three years. Unlike Melissa at 365 Days of Exercise, my children are older and I can exercise without worrying about childcare.

So, those are the reasons I can think of to tell you at what is now 5:27 AM...we're supposed to leave in 15 minutes and Superman is still sleeping (what a switch!) I am going to get the bread maker started. I can already see just how productive getting up earlier is going to help me be. (Remind me of this in November, December, and January when it stays dark until 7:30 AM!)

See you later (and I will...I have more stuff to show you)...


DarcyLee said...

My second daughter and I joined a gym the last 2 years before she graduated high school and I was in the best shape I'd ever been in before. We went 3 times a week first thing in the morning before everyone else got up. I actually had fun working out, but the best thing was spending time with her.

Clark said...

Okay, day one went really well. I have not seen Jessica Rabbit have this much enery before 9AM. Who are you and where is my be sloth?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Clark, it's new car smell. It wears off. When I first joined a gym a few years ago, I was going to lose 20 pounds and look great and run for president and conquer the world. It took me three weeks to discover that the McDonald's next door had really good Cokes and apple pies, four more weeks to discover that I hated having other people watch me on the treadmill and another month to realize I was gaining weight at the gym.
Okay, so maybe that's just me... LOL

I really do better exercising at home, but it appears the Wii has been taking over by an entire world of people watching me exercise. The lastest is Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. It was bad enough when most of my kid's high school were watching me as I trapiased across the tight walk, but now I have creepy TV stars like Leonard Nemoy staring at me too.

Yes, I live with a bunch of nerds.

And have I had time on the Wii? Oh no, because they are constantly making new Miis. Makes one long for August. LOL

At anyrate, I am getting my exercise these days, reading books by the pool. We put it in the far back yard just for this purpose. It takes a lot of steps to get from the house to my lawn chair. ;)

Erin said...

LOL! Gens, too much of your kind of exercise has my summer clothes fitting a bit too tightly. Clark, don't listen to her! I will keep you motivated. DarcyLee, may it turn out that well for both of us!

loveaphid said...

Fig and I tried exercising together, not a good thing. We can do physical activities together like hiking and cycling, but actually exercising doesn't work. He gets annoyed if I talk to him and he feels compelled to comment on what I am doing. The very last thing I need is my nerdy, geeky husband who has rarely exercised telling me how to do things when I spent the majority of my formative years playing sports and training for them in the off season. I assure you I have far more experience with the Nautilus than he has. That being said I'm still torn bout our gym membership. Oh well we'll figure it out. But congrats to you guys for getting up and doing it. Oh and I have already done my share at getting up for 5:00AM shifts. Never again. I'll exercise after at the earliest 7:00AM

Melissa Henning said...

Yaay! I am so happy for you! I LOVE the gym, and would love to go again someday, but yep, I'm suck at home. There's just something about being in a room full of people with the same goal in mind. It's motivating!

I'm SO happy for you guys. It's awesome that superman wants to workout with you too, although you guys probably don't literally work out together. Still awesome to have him there! You both can keep each other motivated! I love all of your reasons for joining. So far you are in a great start! Stay motivated and positive Jessica Rabbit! (lol). I love that about you!

(and thanks for mentioning my blog again lol)