Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Dining Room - Still Working on It!

So, if you read the previous post, you know I cannibalized two leather chairs from the dining room to complete the living room. (Mr. R was kind enough to pretend to sleep after his Father's Day dinner to demonstrate just how comfortable these chairs really are. Wasn't that nice of him?)

Admittedly, the chairs shouldn't have been in the dining room, but since we turned our designated living room into our dining room, it was the only room they'd fit into.

Now, what will we do with the dining room now that we've taken those huge chairs out of it?

This was the dining room before. Functional and attractive (at least to my eye), but crowded when it came to holiday dinners and Game Night. I'm excited to have the chairs out of there, but thinking we'll be struggling with the room for awhile. This is the plan so far:

Placed this neat little table on the wall where the chairs had been, took down the wall shelves on the two walls, and shifted the buffet, the red rug, and the dining room table to be more centered in the room. Right now we're thinking that the wall with the fish picture will get two shelves back up, but the wall with the flower picture won't. But maybe I should put the shelves on either side of that picture, too? I can't decide.
I love being able to put my extra chairs in the dining room, but I don't have fabric to recover those two cushions, so my search continues (plus, I loved the fabric I made the seat covers out of, but I'm not sure I love it in the room...I think it is too busy). It just isn't working for me. What do you think?

So, this is the second room my little idea messed up. Notice all the spackle? Because of our cats (remember this?), the shelves were extremely well-anchored into the walls and removing them left big holes. Poor Superman!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the shelves on either side of the fish. As to the chairs with the buffet, I think removing the covers and leaving it sort of a minimalist look would work, as a quick telephone/message type area maybe?

I like the red covers in there to be honest over the ones at the table (sorry).

Andrea said...

You are working hard to get things straight. I need to have you visit in Virginia! Blessings, andrea

loveaphid said...

I think that the reason it might look busy is the red carpet. I think that if you took out the rug the new fabric might be just the right amount of pop. There is a really strong contrast with the red and the tan carpet. So the additional pattern makes the eye move around too much. At least in the pictures. I haven't seen the new fabric in real life. Guess I'll have "skype" over there soon.

momstheword said...

I think it's because you are expecting the dining room chairs to be an accent (contrasting) color, but they are the same color as the walls.

If you want, you could make it a contrasting color, or just pick a pattern that includes the red and the green! Perhaps a bigger plaid or floral or something.

Alicia said...

What about taking that red carpet out? I think having a more neutral color will make the room look bigger and lighter. Right now, the focal point of the room is that rug. :)

Clark said...

I personally love the spackle. I think that it demonstrates a room in motion and gives a sense of purpose to lonely putty knives. The only downside is that white is kind of an understatement in such a vibrant room.

Clark said...

P.S. What about kudos to Lucky Baby for her posing on Mr. R's lap? She almost looks comfortable.

Andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

You are busy! Redecorating the entire house is a lot of work :) Looks great so far!