Thursday, May 24, 2012

A little bit of sewing...

I've been spending time with my sewing machine again.  The spring weather combined with the deadline of the birthday gift definitely had my creative juices flowing.  First thing up was a pair of pajama shorts for my Buttercup.  I just modified a simple pajama pant pattern by shortening the length substantially and adding seam pockets.  (Hey, Sew Ducky, is there a name for those?)

Anyway, Buttercup picked out a fun animal-themed pattern and I actually remembered to make sure everything was running the same way BEFORE I cut the fabric (not something I always remember!), and worked my "magic" at the sewing machine.  I cheated and found a pocket pattern at Craftiness Is Not Optional, which made it so much easier.

Pockets are the perfect addition!
Buttercup loved the pajamas, declaring that they were cute enough to be seen by all.  She then demonstrated just what she meant for her brother and me.

Oh, that won't be how we wear these at our house.
While I can't help but think she's just too darned cute, you can rest assured they won't be displayed out of the house in that manner.  Not on my watch.

Cute enough to hang out, but
they won't be hanging out!
  As always, I added a little button to the front to distinguish front from back.  The lady at the fabric store wondered why she'd never thought of that...she always sews a little ribbon bow on the front.  My kids aren't "ribbon bow" kids.

This little fishy has the job of telling us the which side is the front.
All joking aside, it is so gratifying to see your family enjoy what you've made for them.  Truly, it really makes me smile when I see them taking in pleasure in the fruit of my labor.  Sure, I could buy stuff for them, but, as we're all discovering, it is just not the same.


Alison said...

That fish pattern is adorable, and the shorts turned out great. Gosh, it makes me miss sewing, I used to do it a lot.

Sew Ducky said...

Sleeper shorts or pajama shorts is what I have always heard them called.

They are cute! Styling...I'm not 13 so lawn, getting off and darn kids pops into the head.

You did a very nice job, and managed to avoid the problem with them being too flared at the thigh. Impressive!