Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3 - 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Well, we've finished Day 3 of our 30 Day Paleo Challenge.  It wasn't a perfect day...I confess that I caved and had a Diet Coke from my local Target food court.  I further confess that it was sooo good and I really should feel guilty, but I don't.  Not enough sleep, too much stress, and a killer headache weakened my resolve.  Other than that it was a terrific day for me.   I stayed Paleo in my eating, even resisting the temptation I'll tell you about below, and I hit the gym for my workout which went well.  Got a knew PR on my Front Squat, even with my messed up wrist.  I really can't complain.

For the kids?  The day wasn't so terrific, but we knew this day was coming and, as I explained to them before we started this journey, eating this way would be a lifestyle, not a life sentence.   They would need to allow for detours along the way and not beat themselves up over them.  Buttercup was tasked with bringing cookies to her youth group tonight and,while her cold/flu thing is too bad for her to to, she still wanted to make the cookies and get them to the other kids.  Part of her planning was pretty wise...she knew if she baked them, she want to try them.  So, she allowed for that.  She was willing to take the points hit and, as she told me, the cookies were fabulous.  If you're interested in a fabulous recipe for amazing chocolate chip cookies, you need to make Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Cookies.  You won't be disappointed.  According to the kids, they're as good as I remember them!

I tried something newish today.  Tonight we had our first-ever grass-fed beef steaks for dinner.  They were amazing.  Seriously amazing. Valiant barbecued it for us and did a fabulous job.  Even Buttercup, the girl who always says "no, thank you" to steak, was disappointed we didn't have more.  (And that was after I gave her a third of mine!)   The steak was accompanied by yellow squash and zucchini sauteed in ghee and seasoned with a little no-salt seasoning mix.  I finished off my plate with sauteed mushrooms and spinach, but the kids weren't interested in trying that.

Doesn't this all look good?  My mushrooms and spinach.

The sauteed squash.

And the plated meal. 

Look at the steam wafting off the squash!
 As you can see, we're not a bit deprived.

Oh, I saw a terrific interview with Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser discussing his conversion to the CrossFit way of life and how anyone of any fitness level and join in on the fun. 

Day 3 is put to bed...only 27 more to go!


Clark said...

Wow! That really does look good! If you can eat like that everyday, I do not think the 30 days will be that bad. Thanks for having the diet coke, I really, really needed the coffee this morning!!!

Alison said...

That food really does look good. My favorite kind of Paleo/Primal meal -- just some good grilled protein and simple veggies, no sauce or extra seasoning required (although herbs are good). Do your kids like fish? My fallback is a good piece of wild-caught salmon, and roasted asparagus.

Erin said...

Alison, sadly, my kids will not eat their defense, I have never cared for it, so I've not introduced it to them in a meaningful way. People keep telling me that I need to have "good" fish and then I'll like it, but so far, that hasn't happened. (Either my friends don't eat "good" fish or I'm just not able to discern good from bad!)