Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It is all in your perspective...

How Superman and I see ourselves (and each other!).

So, my son comes home from work (!) and says, "Mom, I have to tell you something funny."

Me:  "Okay, shoot!"

Valiant: "So, Silent Running by Mike and the Mechanics comes on the store radio and I say, "Hey, I love this song!" and the girl I was working with told me I was too young to even know that song, that she was older than me and she barely knew it!"

Me:  "Really?  That song is on my playlist."

Valiant:  "Then she asked me how I knew it.  I told her, "Well, my parents are kind of old."

Me:  "We are?"

Valiant:  "Yeah, Mom, you are.  Her parents were born in 1972."

Me:  "I'm old?!"

Valiant:  "Well, don't feel bad.  I did say "kind of" old."

Me:  "Thanks, I think."

How our kids see us...sigh.


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

too funny Erin! :)

you're not old, I AM old! hahaah

have a great evening!

Sew Ducky said...

You know it's sad when my 13 year old has one of the older moms (and I was 24 when he was born).

I remember stuff I shouldn't, but all of my siblings are 6-14 years older then I am, and the ones I grew up with were 8 and 9, and you know Neal is 6 years older.

I was informed yesterday by both boys (13 and 20) that Neal and I were kinda embarrassing because we had the baby and old people weren't supposed to do stuff to make kids. I was like...Dude, we're not that old, or dead yet.

(Much ewwwing followed, with both boys hiding from us.)