Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 4 - 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Sorry for the late posting...Superman gave me grief because I didn't get this post up last night.  Don't worry, though, we haven't quit!

It is still early days and I'm trying to make this all work.  Day 4 proved to be our most challenging day so far. I am having trouble sleeping and 6.75 hours is just not enough (not to mention that it is costing me points!). 
Doesn't this look fabulous?
Lunch was a fabulous smoothie:  Spinach, coconut milk, 100% whey protein, strawberries, and frozen mixed berries.  Even the kids enjoyed it. 

There go the strawberries!
I really don't know why I'm not sleeping, but I'm not and it really showed at the gym.  I never got energized...I felt like my entire body was so heavy and, of course, it was a killer WOD.  I was surprised  how hard the whole thing felt...I never got in the zone where I got a rhythm and was just plugging away.  It has been a long time since I've contemplated accepting a DNF ("Did Not Finish"), but I felt terrible through the entire thing and was oh so tempted to throw in the towel.  I scaled the weight on the kettle bell swings (from 53 to 35) and had to back up a band (from red to blue) on my pull-ups...making that decision was really discouraging, but in the end, I was glad I did because I wouldn't have finished otherwise.  My results reflected my low energy, as I finished in 52:11 and, man, was I spent.  It was one of those days when I really feel like I didn't accomplish anything.  Still, I showed up and I didn't phone it in.  My all just wasn't much.

Need some is too thick!
Valiant joined me at the gym and he pushed through, choosing not to scale and it nearly killed him.  I was so proud of him for plugging away at this workout.  Despite a not-so-great time, he can really be proud of himself for sticking to it and for keeping it at that level.  He was definitely my hero yesterday.

Now look at it churning!
Anyway, the workout had us at the gym an hour and 15 minutes later than I thought we'd be.  So much for my Dutch Oven was 5:30 when we got home and we were starved!  Combined with the serendipity of  hungry friends showing up at the gym to drop something off with me saw us headed to Carl's Jr. for dinner.  Buttercup and Valiant are really not happy with our challenge (Valiant more than Buttercup, but she's a close second in dissent!) and you would have thought I gave them each a $1000 when I said, "Fine.  We'll me The Friends for dinner."  Still, I tried hard to keep my goals in mind and just had two  hamburger patties and a Diet Coke.  (Yeah, look, I'm human and I'd been beaten to death by the workout!)  That meal cost me 2 points...grrr.

Terrific lunch for two!
Finished off the night with my homemade almond butter and a Granny Smith apple.  Perfect snack!

Day 4 is in the books! 

On to Day 5...


Alison said...

I suffer from debilitating bouts of insomnia too, so I know how you felt. For me, just getting through a day in front of the TV when I haven't slept is a challenge. Kudos to you for actually doing a workout. The admonition to get lots of sleep is one part of Paleo/Primal that is really frustrating for me. Like, I have a choice whether to have insomnia? I love smoothies, been having one for breakfast just about every day lately. It's so hard to keep to this kind of challenge when your co-horts aren't into it.

loveaphid said...

Everything in here sounds yummy to me, but I am pretty sure Fig would rebel if I put spinach in his smoothie.