Thursday, October 13, 2011

Too funny!

I bought a new painter's tarp because I want to make some pillows and an ottoman cover.  While I was sewing, the unused portion was on the floor.  (I know, I know.  I should have picked it up and immediately folded it...but I didn't.)

The tarp was quickly claimed and became the source of quite a few minutes of entertainment for the kids and me.

Lucy becomes fascinated by the tarp.

"What is it?"

It stopped moving, but she's not letting it out of her sight.  Getting closer didn't help.

 Maybe a different perspective will help.  She came around to the other side and waited.

 And waited...and waited...and harumphed the way dogs will.

The wait was finally rewarded!  At last...movement begins again.

"Ninja, come out!  I got you fair and square!"

Lucy's persistence pays off and Ninja finally comes out to play.  Oh, I scooped the tarp up and folded it neatly.  That will teach me to leave things on the floor, even "for a minute".

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Queen Bean said...

Lol! That was so funny to watch!