Friday, October 7, 2011

Ta Da! The Bathroom is Done!

Last January, I started to tackle the last untouched room in our home.  I found one picture of the bathroom and you'll have to be nice, because I was being goofy for a kid with a camera! 

As for anymore pictures, I can't find most of the "before" pictures for the master bathroom, but these "during" few give you a taste of what I was facing when I began the project.  A chair rail that hid an unpleasant surprise.  (This is the true color of the red.)  They painted over wallpaper!  Should I replace the drywall?  Ugh...I hate surprises like these!

Red paint that was somehow flawed, so that the coverage was uneven and left a smear of pink on whatever I used to wipe the walls.  The Behr 2-in-1 Paint and Primer really did cover well.  It only took two coats of Water Sprout to cover that dark red.

 This is where I was testing the Behr paint to see if there was a smear or if it wouldn't cover.   (It was fabulous!)  We discovered that half the plugs in the bathroom were run illegally through the cabinetry, too.  Bye-bye plugs.  The bathroom was a disaster...truly.

Now look at it!

Water Sprout is a lovely pale green (it doesn't have as much yellow as shows in some of these pictures, but it isn't minty, either).  Combined with fresh white paint, we have a light and airy bathroom.   See how much bigger it looks? 

Superman and I decided not to replace the drywall.  Instead I lived with the room in disarray for a few months and we put up wainscoting when Superman was home in April.  During that same leave, we put in a new granite countertop with integrated sink.  Superman even gave me a valance over the window.  Then he headed back to work and left me to do the finishing touches.

I painted the wainscoting and the valance in Behr Premium - in Frost.  Shelves and towel hooks finished it off.   The vanity was painted for me by Mr. R (he's so nice and he's a much better painter than I) and we added drawer pulls to finish it off.

A few more decorative touches and it is done.  (Having first names that begin with letters found in cardinal directions makes it easy to find our initials in home improvement stores.)  A 3M hook holds my brush. 

Cotton balls and q-tips?    They're here, too.

See how beautifully they fit in here?  It may have taken us six months to make it happen, but I love how this bathroom makeover turned out and my beloved stained glass got to stay.  How cool is that?  It was all worth it.


Anonymous said...

I'm inspired to paint our own small bathroom remodel in Water Sprout Green. Thanks for posting!

Erin said...

Oh, you won't be disappointed. It is just the perfect shade of pale green. My daughter loves it enough that she's begging for her bedroom to be painted the same shade.