Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It is not how Superman would have done it!

When we moved into this home six years ago, we brought with us Superman's "legacy" 36" Sony Triniton.  (It was cutting edge when Superman got it for our family more than eight years ago--he so loved it when he bought it...still, it is a beast with a huge tube on back.)  We placed it in the place of a "never-worked" gas insert on the main level of our home.  Superman just built a little cubby around it to house the components and it fits in beautifully.

Unfortunately, one of the components died last week.   Honestly, I would have just left it there for him, but it was making a horrible humming noise and I couldn't wait until Christmas to deal with it.

Valiant and I managed to muscle the television forward (OMG! It was so heavy!), but struggled to reach behind it to disconnect the dead component.  (We couldn't pull it all the way out because we'd never have been able to get it back up onto the hearth.)

Fortunately, Buttercup is a small little thing and managed to slip in behind the television.  (We'd just gotten back from the gym when I decided to undertake this little project--can you tell?)  Anyway, she could even stand up in there!  Don't touch the fiberglass insulation, Buttercup!

She got all the wires disconnected for us in no time at all and had fun doing it.  (She even dusted the back of the television while she was in there!)

 See?  The component is gone.  It is definitely not how Superman would have done it, but I'm not as strong as Superman and I think we did pretty well!  I just have one question:

What do I do with the empty space left by the removed component?  For now, the Halloween movies can be stored there.

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