Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chalkboard Markers and Black Contact Paper

Just in case you thought all my creativity was limited to use of the Silhouette machine, I have another little project I did this summer to share with you.

Let me back up.  We have a teeny-tiny "linen" closet at the top of our stairs.  The door to the closet was really just two cabinet doors stacked on top of each other, roughly 20" wide.  The opening was so small that the closet was always an ineffecient mess.

So, last spring, I took off the cabinet doors (discovering that they were just a face, no really cabinetry behind them!) and decided to see if I could live with a no-door linen closet...especially as all of our linens are in our respective bedrooms (they fit better there!).

This really appeals to me.

As does this.

So, even though I haven't quite figured out how to execute my own linen closet redo, I have started liking this open closet system.   And, it gave me an excuse to break out my chalk markers!   I simply wrapped some lightweight cardboard in black contact paper and used the white chalk marker to identify the contents of each bin.

The bright yellow I chose for the baskets and bins makes the entire closet feel cheerful.  Having no doors really keeps us from accumulating clutter. 

Also, I don't overbuy supplies because I don't have any place to put them!

 I still need to refine the shelving and figure out how I'm going to trim out the opening, but I think I'm leaving the doors off.

Oh, and I didn't stop in the closet.  I headed downstairs and made up a few more tags.

I know lots of people have In boxes

and Fabric stashes,

but how many people have bins of Dog Balls?

Organizing makes my heart happy...can you tell?


Queen Bean said...

I love the way they look! They make the landing look neater!

Erin said...

Who would have guessed that removing the doors would make it look neater?

Erin said...
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