Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Use for Old Candle Jars

I love candles.  I really do.  I like them enough that I actually use them up.  My frugal soul hates throwing away the empty jars.  They're really nice looking, but they're not food-grade, so you can't use them for candy or nuts (unless the candy is individually wrapped, of course).

One oldcandle jar from Target with wicks burned all the way down.  (I love this smells amazing.)  Pop out the last of the wax and save it for your tart burner.  Use Goo Gone to get the label off and wash and dry the jar.  Ta Da!  You have a jar ready to use.

Here are two I've already begun to work with.  One is a little one from Yankee Candle and one is my first Target candle (told you I liked them!).  Took the labels off and washed them and these jars are both pretty enough to be used for all kinds of things:  buttons, paper clips, safety pins, etc.   I thought mine would work beautifully in my bathroom, so I added some q-tips and some cotton balls and they're ready for work. 

Still, I had a little something different in mind.  A quick coat of spray paint gave me black lids.

Much better!  They looked good, but still weren't quite what I was after.

 Ah, a couple of labels gave them the finishing touch!  Perfect, don't you think?

Since the candles were already paid for and used, these little jars were practically free.  I love it when things turn out well, don't you?