Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shoot Me: 15 of 52 (Late) Impressionist Art?

(Thank you for all the encouragement you sent my way following yesterday's post. I so appreciated all you said.)

I am sooo late for last week's Shoot Me. Rather than promise myself I'll catch up later and thereby add to my "to do" list, I've decided to just post while I'm thinking about it, so bear with me.
A few weeks ago (the same day I dyed Buttercup's hair red), I decided to take the plunge and start playing with Picnik. If you haven't discovered Picnik, it is free online photo editing software that you can enhance for a really small fee. After a few days of playing for free, I took the plunge and paid my $4 (or whatever it was) and upgraded. Obviously, now I'm having too much fun with it.
This is a picture of me taken from the back deck. It was originally supposed to show you the glory of the plum tree in bloom and highlight just how much a few weeks can make in a garden. Instead, it became a post where I highlight how Picnik can make anyone look unrecognizable. Look at me! I'm the artist's model now!

Shoot Me! It's time to stop hiding behind that camera of yours. Your family is missing you in the picture. So it's time to post a picture of YOU (yes, you) every Thursday with your child, your spouse, your friend, your dog, or even by yourself. Just get in the picture, you'll be glad you did! And just jump in now with 1 of 52, you can do it!

P.S. Between you and me, I like the "real" me more than the artist's rendition, but, boy, does that plum tree shine in the "painting".


Alicia said...

Pretty cool there, Erin! I love Picnik too!! I was thinking about upgrading. So many cool features!

Carin said...

Sigh, I just read your last post. I think I could have written that EXACT same last paragraph. It's really too bad we don't live close to each other. It would do us both good to be by someone that understands the struggles that a wife and mother goes through when hubby is gone. As if taking care of my three boys and the house I also watch 2 babies (slaps self on head). I'm done watching them when school lets out and my goal then is to do better with setting limits, and not always saying yes to everyone.

But hey, stay strong, I'm thinking of you. You are not alone! Ever need a shoulder, I'm here!

and i like your picture tonight, the editing is fun.

2003beachbunch said...

How fun! I love picnik too! I am also thinking about upgrading :-)

Clark said...

I love the first one better!

~KATE~ said...

Oh, Picnik!
Picnik! Picnik! Picnik!
I love Picnik, too!