Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Northwest Museum of Art & Culture

Well, we finally made it to the MAC, after 6 months of trying to fit it into our schedule! Despite the fact that the day dawned grey and rainy (that's okay, at least it wasn't snow!), despite the fact that we had two meltdowns (tears and angst, sigh!), a lipstick managed to go through the dryer (darn it!), and more RSS Feed problems with Outlook (grrrrr!), we made it!

We bought a family membership for the year ($50 - what a deal) and met a few of the homeschoolers. In addition to the static exhibits including Native American history and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, there is currently a quilt exhibit featured at the museum (Kate, you'd so love it!) and the kids spent some time on the interactive displays.

Valiant played at the computer a bit more than Buttercup (isn't his design awesome?), then they both moved over to the blocks and created some quilts. I got to have some adult conversation and it was awesome! We capped it off by picking up Superman from work and bringing him home with us. All in all, it worked out well and I'm glad we've finally gotten on our schedule. (See, all that discipline pays off!)

Despite a few bumps along the way, it was a good day and I'm really glad we didn't let the weather deter us. I love homeschooling and the ability it gives us to schedule field trips like this into our schedule. Rain or shine, we'll head back two weeks from today.

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loveaphid said...

I love quilt museums. There is a textile museum in Lowell, MA is the site. I still haven't had the chance to go. I was lucky enough to see the Quilts of Gee's Bend at the MFA. It was wonderful. Fig was a little bored, but the Calvin Klein collection of classic cars was showing that same day so we saw both.

I love museums. They make me happy. Its a great way to spend a day.