Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Last Batch of Valentine's Cards

Here is the last of the Valentine's Cards from the card swap. As you can see, all the cards I received in exchange for my cards were beautiful. I'm mailing cards today, so hopefully they'll arrive in time for Valentine's Day. (If not, they'll be a special treat in Tuesday's mail - remember, there is no mail on Monday.) I hope they've helped to put you in the Valentine's mood and inspired you to try your hand at something crafty, no matter how modest your efforts (trust me, mine were modest offerings!).

Traditional Beauty
This first card is Superman's Favorite. From the first moment he saw it, he just kept talking about how pretty it was. I think he likes the more traditional nature of it, but maybe I'm just putting words into his mouth. Anyway, the transparent ribbon adds the perfect touch of elegance to this traditional little card. It is not too much and not too little.

The funny thing? It turns out that we have these exact stamps, so now I have new inspiration to go with supplies I already have.

Shimmery Elegance
These little notecards are so beautiful in "real life". All the scrolls you see (forgive the weird camera angle, I was trying to get the scrolls to show without the flash wiping them out) are all shimmery metallic and the little heart shaped brad is just the right touch of "jewelry" to complement the silver ribbon. The Tiffany's blue cards are set off so well by the black frame highlighting the scrollwork. These cards are just perfect.
In addition to an understated Valentine's card, I think these cards would make awesome engagement cards, wedding cards, or just intimate notecards.

Absolutely Perfect
This last card is, I think, my favorite of the bunch (at least for this moment because I can't seem to make up my mind about any favorite for more than two minutes!). The raised lettering separated by little rhinestones is so tasteful. The contrasting red ribbon with the little charm hanging off the bow is so cute and the stamp art is so well done. Combine all that with the red, black and white color scheme and this card is just perfection, at least to me.
The sentiment on the inside of the card is not too mushy and not too silly. Again, I think it strikes just the right note: "Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, the hope in tomorrow, the joy in the heart." Seriously, what is not to love about this card. (I know, I said that about all of sue me!)

None of the cards I've shown you today, however, are signed, so I have no idea who made them. I would love, love, love to say thank-you to the wonderful people who obviously put so much thought and hard work into these cards. While I was proud of my contributions to the card swap, it is obvious I have a lot to learn. I am humbled by the talent displayed by these cards.

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