Saturday, September 10, 2011

Semi-Easy Sewing Project

Have you ever seen those super cute rubber gloves for doing your dishes?  Some of them are really adorable.  The only problem?  I have big hands.  I do.  I am 5'10"...I am tall and large-boned and those cute gloves seem to come in sizes small and medium.  Still, my heart was longing for cute rubber gloves in my kitchen.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer.  I took my old gloves (figuring if I ruined them, I'd already gotten two years out of them) and added a ruffle to them!  I love how they turned out, especially considering I was using scrap fabric, so I couldn't get as long a ruffle as I'd have liked.

Aren't these fun?

So, why do I call this a semi-easy sewing project?  Because I found it difficult to sew in the glove the same way one finds it difficult to sew embellishments on a sleeve.  The gloves were too small to fit over the free arm, so it was a bit of a pain.  Still, I'm please with how they turned out.   Not bad for no money and 40 minutes!

P.S.  Doesn't everyone use binder clips in their kitchens?

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