Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Did you miss us?

I can't believe I neglected this blog for almost three months.  At the same time, it really isn't surprising.  As I wrote in a note to a friend of mine, we've been so busy living life that we haven't had a moment to reflect on life these past few months.  This, I've discovered is one of the realities that comes with living a place with four real seasons.  The slumberous pace of winter quickly gives way to the exuberant pace of spring which then becomes the frenetic pace of summer, and finally, oh finally, gives way to the slow down that accompanies autumn.   Even the plants finally give up, the luscious bright colors of spring and summer tone down and become the muted colors of autumn.  It is as if they, too, are exhausted by the effort to give us such a beautiful show.    Still, it is an amazing show while we have it, isn't it?

That is how our summer was...and it is only as I look back on it that I realize it is no wonder that the blog got neglected...we were crazy busy living life and it was a blast!  From working to playing to travel to cooking to diy projects to friends and to family, we did it all.  Over the next few days, I'll catch you up...then we'll head into the slower days of autumn together.  I'm ready to slow down, aren't you?

For now, I'll leave you with this lovely picture of my children.  "No, no, don't hold back.  Tell me what you really think of my cooking!"

(Trying new recipes wasn't always appreciated...
the kids were actually plugging their noses
 so they didn't have to taste the food!


pam said...

Yes I did miss you! and I am glad to see you back!

And yaaaaay for having the courage to make that leap of faith and begin anew. We left CA too, and never have looked back. Washington is an amazing place to live - East side or West!

Loved the shot of the kids! Tried a few of "those" recipes myself! got similar responses.

Erin said...

Cooking for kids is so rewarding, isn't it?