Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Sewing Post

Finally got some new bedding...ours was old and tired.  I really love my new duvet cover and shams, but...

...the fabric was so slick that the pocket closures on the back of the shams weren't staying shut and the pillows kept sliding out.  It doesn't help that Beans is always sitting on them in her "Queen of the World" pose (with her monkey...story for a different post).

So, I uncovered my sewing machine and got to work. Some sew on velcro and ten minutes later, my pillow shams are staying shut and I'm even more thrilled with my new bedding.  Something so simple and easy can make such a difference.  This will work on any pillow with pocket closures.

Just lay out the pillow sham right sides out.  Figure out where the closure should meet if straight (ie., not pulling). Pin one piece of velcro.

Then pin the other on the opposite side of the closure. Double check they line up properly.

Sew each strip on.  Remove your pins and close it up.  That's it.  You're done. 

Now your pillows will stay closed and there is just a little box of stitching to show for it.  A little less frustration in your day...easy peasy.

Woot!  The "queen" seems pleased, too.


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Great tip!

Clark said...

Uh...she doesn't look like she liked being part of your project! Is the monkey a friend or prisoner? Where is the Angry Bird?

Erin said...

She just doesn't like paparazzi...she's always there! Plankton is her monkey...he came with her.