Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet Froyo!!

Isn't she adorable? Superman was home on leave for a few weeks ending last week. While he was home, his baby girl batted her big brown eyes and convinced her father that she needed another hamster. Really, Superman doesn't stand a chance. He and Buttercup have that wonderful father/daughter relationship and he, too, loves her hamsters. Still, we'd been without a hamster for almost a year and I kinda, sorta thought we were done with hamsters. I was wrong.

Froyo is a Winter White hamster, so she will supposedly change colors with the season. She is so tiny...there she is hanging out on my iPad. (Yes, she's trying to send an email, but we explained that she's a hamster, not a mouse!)

So, for those of you who like to keep count: We have four cats, two dogs, three birds, and one hamster. Not bad, eh?
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Clark said...

I am not a marshmallow! I just like hamsters!