Sunday, October 31, 2010

Food For Thought

"If we all did the things we are capable
of doing, we would literally
astound ourselves."
- Thomas Edison

How many imaginary constraints do we put around our lives?  How many "I can'ts" do we wrap around ourselves that are imagined?  How many opportunities do we let pass us by because we are filled with self-doubt?
Interesting questions, aren't they?


OmnivorousReader said...

Nice quotation from a homeschooled boy!

Anonymous said...

There's only one valid point in this article, and if people are too stupid to see it, I won't tell them what it is.
No more hate, no more love. Just be, and everything will make sense. (not)
I just read another article about this topic, and yours seems to be a lot more to the point. However, their article appears on #1 spot, and your is on the bottom. Why?
I just saw my comments being removed from some sites. I mean no harm, I'm just… sporadic.

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