Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do You Want to See My New Nightgown?

Yeah, I knew you did.  That tantalizing glimpse of the flannel I gave you yesterday only whetted your interest, didn't it?  Oh, did you notice that the fabric was busy enough that it will hide spots (not that I ever get spots on my clothes...ever).

Well, here it is:

Isn't it pretty?  I just love it.  It is long enough and it is girly enough and it is NOT plaid and it IS flannel, so it will be warm.  (Can you tell I'm tall?...I had to hang it in a doorway so I could get the whole nightgown in the picture.)

I added this eyelet to the sleeves and the hem.

I didn't add the eyelet to the neck because I don't like a bunch of stuff at my neck when I'm sleeping.

 I couldn't find a nightgown pattern that I liked.  They all had busy bodices with buttons and lace and panels (which means seams across your chest).  I did, however, find this Halloween costume.  I ended up using McCall's M2337.
 Look at the black pilgrim dress and the blue prairie dress.  I added the elastic and lace to the sleeves the way the "B" view shows, but I kept the neckline and bottom simple, the way the "A" view illustrates.  Since I didn't add the ruffled band at the bottom of the dress, I went ahead and added eyelet at the very bottom of the gown.  The pattern is super easy to use and easy to assemble, but I didn't follow the instructions.   (I never like the order they want you to put your pattern pieces seems backwards to me.) 


Alison said...

Well done, Erin! I used to sew all the time, but haven't dragged the sewing machine out in a few years. I made my two nieces' wedding dresses and all the dresses for the wedding party as well, and that took a lot out of me. Some day I'll get back to it.

Hehe, I don't get spots on my clothes either...

Clark said...

Way cool! Nice job on taking the various pieces and putting them together.

Anonymous said...

Great job! I never use the pattern instructions either - I start out trying but in the end abandon them for what makes sense to me! Looks cozy and warm.

Anonymous said...

I am sweating just looking at that thing. It's obvious that we not only live on the other side of the country, we also live in different hemispheres. There is no way I'd be able to sleep in that much flannel, even outside. You either keep your house very cold, or you are more cold natured than I be. It is pretty, but I'd literally spontaneously combust if I tried to sleep in it.