Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoot Me - 25 of 52 (Hair Extensions Gone Wrong Edition)

So, my life is not particularly exciting or glamorous, but it is mine and it makes me smile most of the time.  It is not the special trips, the special occasions or the special times that really weave the fabric of our lives, but instead it is seeing the humor in every day that brings joy to my heart and laughter to my kids.

Last week, I was minding my own business, kicking back after a hard, hot afternoon working in the yard...
...lifted my hair up off my neck,

and this happened!

Yep!  Bean decided I needed "hair extensions" and set herself up for the job.

She had me good and pinned, so I had one of the kids run to get the camera and this week's "Shoot Me" was born.  (Can you tell that Bean is the social kitten?  The other ones are around, but they are quite shy and don't like the paparazzi!)

Head over to Carin's place, Forever in Blue Jeans, and join in the Shoot Me party.  52 pictures in which you are can do it.


Jan said...

Cute photos and post. Glad the kiddos are good with the camera.

hip-chick said...

Kitties like to relax and kick their feet up as well.

Tracy said... cute. Glad your cat didn't decide to use your hair to pull himself up on the couch.